Wee1(+)-like gene in human cells.

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Igarashi M, Nagata A, Jinno S, Suto K, Okayama H

Wee1(+)-like gene in human cells.

Nature. 1991 Sep 5;353(6339):80-3.

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The wee1+ gene is a mitotic inhibitor controlling the G2 to M transition of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and encodes a protein kinase with both serine- and tyrosine-phosphorylating activities. We have cloned a human gene (WEE1Hu) similar to wee1+ by transcomplementation of a yeast mutant. WEE1Hu encodes a protein homologous to the S. pombe wee1+ and mik1+ (a functionally redundant sibling of wee1+) kinases and effectively rescues a wee1 mutation. We report here that overexpression of WEE1Hu in fission yeast generates very elongated cells as a result of inhibition of the G2-M transition in the cell cycle. In addition, we detected a 3-kilobase-long WEE1Hu messenger RNA in all the human cell lines we examined. We conclude that a wee1(+)-like gene exists and is expressed in human cells.

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Wee1-like protein kinaseP30291Details