Genomics, isoforms, expression, and phylogeny of the MHC class I-related MR1 gene.

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Riegert P, Wanner V, Bahram S

Genomics, isoforms, expression, and phylogeny of the MHC class I-related MR1 gene.

J Immunol. 1998 Oct 15;161(8):4066-77.

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A growing number of non-MHC-encoded class I-related molecules have been shown to perform diverse, yet essential, functions. These include T cell presentation of bacterially derived glycolipidic Ags by CD1, transcytosis of maternal IgG by the neonatal Fc receptor, enriched presence and plausible function within exocrine fluids of the Zn-alpha2-glycoprotein, subversion of NK cytolytic activity by the CMV UL18 gene product, and, finally, crucial involvement in iron homeostasis of the HFE gene. A recently described member of this family is the MHC class-I related (MR1) gene. The most notable feature of MR1 is undoubtedly its relatively high degree of sequence similarity to the MHC-encoded classical class I genes. The human chromosome 1q25.3 MR1 locus gives rise not only to the originally reported 1,263-bp cDNA clone encoding a putative 341-amino acid polypeptide chain, but to many additional transcripts in various tissues as well. Here we define the molecular identity of all human and murine MR1 isoforms generated through a complex scenario of alternative splicing, some encoding secretory variants lacking the Ig-like alpha3 domain. Moreover, we show ubiquitous transcription of these MR1 variants in several major cell lineages. We additionally report the complete 18,769-bp genomic structure of the MR1 locus, localize the murine orthologue to a syntenic segment of chromosome 1, and provide evidence for conservation of a single-copy MR1 gene throughout mammalian evolution. The 90% sequence identity between the human and mouse MR1 putative ligand binding domains together with the ubiquitous expression of this gene favor broad immunobiologic relevance.

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