The B-cell-specific Oct-2 protein contains POU box- and homeo box-type domains.

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Clerc RG, Corcoran LM, LeBowitz JH, Baltimore D, Sharp PA

The B-cell-specific Oct-2 protein contains POU box- and homeo box-type domains.

Genes Dev. 1988 Dec;2(12A):1570-81.

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3265124 [ View in PubMed

Transcription of promoters of immunoglobulin genes is controlled by an octanucleotide sequence element. The sequence of a cDNA encoding a B-cell-specific protein, Oct-2, has been determined. This protein specifically recognizes the octanucleotide element and is part of the previously identified NF-A2 family of proteins. The DNA-binding domain of Oct-2 is structurally related to the homeo box consensus and thus contains a potential helix-turn-helix sequence. Oct-2 also possesses a potential 'leucine zipper' domain, where four leucines are each separated by exactly seven residues. Comparisons of Oct-2 with protein Oct-1, which also recognizes the octanucleotide element but is constitutively expressed in all cell types, show high sequence conservation through the 60-residue DNA-binding domain, as well as an adjacent tract of 75 residues. The latter conserved region is also found in regulatory genes expressed in pituitary cells and nematodes and has been termed a POU box. Because two different cDNAs were isolated, it is proposed that the oct-2 gene is expressed as multiple mRNAs that vary in splicing patterns. Most interestingly, the oct-2 cDNA contains a second overlapping open reading frame, 278 residues in length, which might also specify a protein important for B-cell development.

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