Identification and characterization of human haptoglobin cDNA.

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Yang F, Brune JL, Baldwin WD, Barnett DR, Bowman BH

Identification and characterization of human haptoglobin cDNA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1983 Oct;80(19):5875-9.

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Recombinant plasmids containing human cDNA encoding haptoglobin, a plasma protein that binds free hemoglobin, have been isolated by screening an adult human liver library with a mixed oligonucleotide probe. Four cDNA clones containing inserts have been obtained that span 1,218 nucleotides of the haptoglobin coding sequence, including the 3' end of the haptoglobin cDNA. The cDNA sequence included a leader sequence followed by alpha 2-chain and beta-chain sequences. A heretofore unseen arginine residue was deduced between the human alpha- and beta-chain sequences. This is a probable site of limited proteolysis leading to the formation of the alpha and beta polypeptides in mature haptoglobin. A comparison of the haptoglobin alpha-beta-junction region and the heavy-light-chain junction of tissue-type plasminogen activator strengthens the evolutionary homology found in haptoglobin and the serine proteases. The Hp alpha 2 gene, which was shown earlier to be a partial duplication produced by unequal crossing-over between Hp alpha 1 genes, has been impossible to align by protein characterization. The cDNA sequence establishes the alignment of Hp alpha 2FS in the Hp alpha 2 gene studied here.

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