Cloning and expression of human apolipoprotein D cDNA.

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Drayna D, Fielding C, McLean J, Baer B, Castro G, Chen E, Comstock L, Henzel W, Kohr W, Rhee L, et al.

Cloning and expression of human apolipoprotein D cDNA.

J Biol Chem. 1986 Dec 15;261(35):16535-9.

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The amino acid sequence of human apolipoprotein D, a component of high density lipoprotein, has been obtained from the cloned cDNA sequence. The 169-amino acid protein has no marked similarity to other apolipoprotein sequences, but has a high degree of homology to plasma retinol-binding protein and other members of the alpha 2u-globulin protein superfamily. Apolipoprotein D mRNA has been detected in human liver, intestine, pancreas, kidney, placenta, adrenal, spleen, and fetal brain tissue. Tissue culture cells transfected with the cloned cDNA secrete material that reacts with anti-apoD antibodies.

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