Susoctocog Alfa: A Review in Acquired Haemophilia A.

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Burness CB, Scott LJ

Susoctocog Alfa: A Review in Acquired Haemophilia A.

Drugs. 2016 May;76(7):815-21. doi: 10.1007/s40265-016-0576-1.

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27098420 [ View in PubMed

Intravenous susoctocog alfa (Obizur((R))) is a recombinant, B-domain deleted, porcine sequence antihaemophilic factor VIII (FVIII) product that has recently been approved for the treatment of bleeding episodes in adults with acquired haemophilia A (AHA). Intravenous susoctocog alfa was an effective and generally well tolerated treatment for serious bleeding episodes in adult patients with AHA in a multinational, phase II/III trial (n = 28 evaluable). Patients received an initial dose of susoctocog alfa 200 U/kg, with subsequent dosages based on target FVIII trough levels and clinical assessments. All patients had a positive haemostatic response (based on predefined criteria) of the primary bleed 24 h after the first infusion of susoctocog alfa, with the bleed successfully controlled at the time of final dosing in 86 % of patients. The most frequently reported adverse reaction (incidence >5 %) was the development of inhibitory antibodies against susoctocog alfa (porcine FVIII). Overall, 25 % of antibody naive patients developed anti-susoctocog alfa antibodies during the study. No serious treatment-related adverse events, thrombotic events or allergic reactions were reported during the trial. In conclusion, intravenous susoctocog alfa is a useful addition to the limited treatment options available for the management of acute bleeding episodes in adults with AHA.

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