Pharmacokinetics of parenteral and oral melperone in man.

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Borgstrom L, Larsson H, Molander L

Pharmacokinetics of parenteral and oral melperone in man.

Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 1982;23(2):173-6.

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The pharmacokinetics of melperone (Buronil, Ferrosan, Sweden) was studied after administration of various parenteral and oral doses to man. After parenteral administration, the data could be fitted to a two-compartment model, but after oral dosing the distribution phase could not be separated from the elimination phase, and so an one-compartment model gave the best fit. The half-lives were about 3-4 h, except after intramuscular injection, when the half-life was about 6 h. The bioavailability of oral doses was about 60% of the intravenous injection. After the highest oral dose of 100 mg, the pharmacokinetics, expressed as AUC or Cmax, showed non-linearity, possibly due to saturation of the hepatic elimination system.

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