The complete amino acid sequence of low molecular mass urokinase from human urine.

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Steffens GJ, Gunzler WA, Otting F, Frankus E, Flohe L

The complete amino acid sequence of low molecular mass urokinase from human urine.

Hoppe Seylers Z Physiol Chem. 1982 Sep;363(9):1043-58.

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The sequence of all 253 amino acids of the heavy (B-) chain of human urinary urokinase was determined. The fragmentation strategy employed included cyanogen bromide cleavage of S-carboxymethylated B-chain at Met and/or Trp residues, cleavage of acid-labile Asp-Pro bonds, and the use of the specific endoproteinases Lys-C and Arg-C for generation of overlapping fragments. For sequence determination automated solid- or liquid-phase techniques of Edman degradation were used. The amino acid sequence obtained substantiates the serine protease character of the B-chain of urokinase: a considerable homology with other serine proteinases, especially with the B-chain of human plasmin, was proved. The pertinent active site amino acids were localized: His-46, Asp-97, and Ser-198. A carbohydrate side chain, containing at least 4 glucosamine and 2 galactosamine residues, was demonstrated to be fixed at asparagine in position 144. The sequence data presented, together with the sequence of the second (A1-) chain of low molecular mass urokinase which was reported by us in an earlier communication, complete the knowledge of the whole primary structure of an active form of human urinary urokinase.

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