Mechanisms and functions of p38 MAPK signalling.

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Cuadrado A, Nebreda AR

Mechanisms and functions of p38 MAPK signalling.

Biochem J. 2010 Aug 1;429(3):403-17. doi: 10.1042/BJ20100323.

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The p38 MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) signalling pathway allows cells to interpret a wide range of external signals and respond appropriately by generating a plethora of different biological effects. The diversity and specificity in cellular outcomes is achieved with an apparently simple linear architecture of the pathway, consisting of a core of three protein kinases acting sequentially. In the present review, we dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying p38 MAPK functions, with special emphasis on the activation and regulation of the core kinases, the interplay with other signalling pathways and the nature of p38 MAPK substrates as a source of functional diversity. Finally, we discuss how genetic mouse models are facilitating the identification of physiological functions for p38 MAPKs, which may impinge on their eventual use as therapeutic targets.

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