Comparison of several one-step home urinary luteinizing hormone detection test kits to OvuQuick.

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Nielsen MS, Barton SD, Hatasaka HH, Stanford JB

Comparison of several one-step home urinary luteinizing hormone detection test kits to OvuQuick.

Fertil Steril. 2001 Aug;76(2):384-7.

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OBJECTIVE: To compare clinical accuracy and ease of use for several of the new rapid one-step home urinary LH detection kits compared with the preexisting OvuQuick brand LH detection kit (designated as the standard). DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: University-based infertility clinic. PATIENT(S): All women undergoing intrauterine inseminations at the clinic, regardless of infertility diagnosis, were offered enrollment during a 28-month study period. INTERVENTION(S): Each participant was supplied three one-step test kits (OvuQuick One-Step, ClearPlan Easy, and SureStep) in addition to a multistep OvuQuick test kit and instructed to run the tests in parallel on the same urine sample and to record the results. Urine testing was performed every 12 hours, beginning 3 days before the anticipated onset of an LH surge, and continued with the one-step kits every 12 hours for 48 hours after the surge was first detected by OvuQuick. Subjects also completed questionnaires evaluating the use of each test kit. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Correlation of LH surge detection by one-step kits in comparison to surge detection by OvuQuick. Satisfaction and ease of use questionnaires. RESULT(S): Sixty-three volunteers returned useable data, from which 81 evaluable cycles were analyzed. The majority of patients found the newer one-step kits to be easier to use and less time consuming than OvuQuick. The three one-step kits detected the LH surge within +/- one testing period (+/-12 hours) of detection by OvuQuick 68%-84% of the time. OvuQuick One-Step, with modified instructions allowing for an equal color intensity in the test and reference areas, had the highest correlation with OvuQuick (84%). However, with a study power (alpha = 0.05, beta = 0.10) sufficient to detect a 10% difference between Ovuquick and each one-step kit, all one-step kits were statistically equivalent to each other. There was no cycle in which a one-step kit detected a positive LH surge but OvuQuick did not. CONCLUSION(S): One-step urinary LH kits are easier for patients to use than a multistep home urinary LH kit and have reasonable correlation with the multistep kit when used clinically for timing artificial inseminations.

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