Molecular cloning of a second form of rac protein kinase.

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Jones PF, Jakubowicz T, Hemmings BA

Molecular cloning of a second form of rac protein kinase.

Cell Regul. 1991 Dec;2(12):1001-9.

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1801921 [ View in PubMed

A novel serine/threonine protein kinase (termed rac-PK) has recently been identified and cloned from cDNA libraries derived from the human cell lines MCF-7 and WI38. A second form of this protein kinase, termed rac protein kinase beta, has been identified from cDNAs derived from the same cell lines. These two closely related forms show 90% homology, although the beta form with a predicted Mr 60,200 has a carboxyl terminal extension of 40 amino acids in comparison to the alpha form. This extension has a high serine content with 11 serine residues in the last 30 amino acids. The beta form of the protein has been shown by both in vitro translation and bacterial expression to be approximately 5000 Da larger than the alpha form. rac protein kinase beta is encoded by a 3.4-kb transcript and the alpha form is encoded by a 3.2-kb mRNA. Using gene-specific probes both transcripts were detected in all cell types analyzed, although levels of expression were different for the two forms. The catalytic domain of rac protein kinase beta shows a high degree of homology to both the protein kinase C and cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase families, and hence rac protein kinases appear to represent a new subfamily of the second messenger serine/threonine protein kinases.

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