Valproic acid Recruiting Phase 1 Trials for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 / Recurrent Breast Carcinoma / Stage IIIB Breast Cancer AJCC v7 / Erdheim-Chester Disease (ECD) / Malignant Endocrine Neoplasm / Stage III Breast Cancer AJCC V7 / stage III Pharyngeal Cancer / Malignant Urinary System Neoplasm / Malignant Female Reproductive System Neoplasm / Recurrent Malignant Neoplasm / Urothelial carcinoma ureter metastatic / Stage IVA Pharyngeal Cancer / Malignant respiratory tract neoplasm / Neoplasms, Malignant / Recurrent Female Reproductive System Carcinoma / Stage IV Breast Cancer AJCC v6 and v7 / Recurrent Pharyngeal Carcinoma / Recurrent Childhood Soft Tissue Sarcoma / Mesothelial Neoplasm / Recurrent Thyroid Gland Carcinoma / Stage IVB Pharyngeal Cancer / stage IV Pharyngeal Cancer / Malignant Thoracic Neoplasm / Thyroid Gland Neoplasm / Stage IVC Pharyngeal Cancer / Stage IIIC Breast Cancer AJCC v7 / Recurrent Adult Soft Tissue Sarcoma / Refractory Malignant Neoplasm / Recurrent Male Reproductive System Carcinoma / Soft Tissue Neoplasms / Advanced Cancers / Stage IIIA Breast Cancer AJCC v7 / Digestive System Carcinoma / Metastatic Malignant Neoplasm / Lymphangioleiomyomatosis / Recurrent Digestive System Carcinoma / Lip and Oral Cavity Carcinoma / Advanced Malignant Neoplasm / Malignant Male Reproductive System Neoplasm / Castleman's Disease Treatment

RecruitingTreatment1 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT01552434Bevacizumab and Temsirolimus Alone or in Combination With Valproic Acid or Cetuximab in Treating Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Malignancy or Other Benign Disease