Valproic acid Completed Phase 4 Trials for Bipolar Disorder (BD) Treatment

CompletedTreatment4 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT02870283Cost- Effectiveness and Quality of Life Assessment in Mood Disorder
NCT00048802Treatment and Outcome of Early Onset Bipolar Disorder
NCT00094549Olanzapine vs. Comparator and Placebo in the Treatment of Patients With Bipolar I Disorder
NCT00177567Treatment of Geriatric Bipolar Mood Disorders: A Pilot Study
NCT00199966Safety And Efficacy Study Of Depakote ER To Treat Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
NCT00226343Depakote-ER for Depressive and Bipolar Depression
NCT00261443A Study of Aripiprazole (Abilify) in Patients With Bipolar Mania
NCT00264173VALID : VAlproate Versus LIthium in Bipolar Disorders
NCT00397020Naturalistic Study, Comparison of Divalproex Extended Release (ER) and Quetiapine for Adults With Acute Mania or Mixed Episodes
NCT00431522Valproic Acid Sodium Salt in Bipolar Disorder
NCT00477373Gulf Evaluation of VAlproate (Depakine Chrono) in maNia Study
NCT00484471ABLE: Abilify in Bipolar Disorder for Long-term Effectiveness
NCT00545142Abilify in Bipolar Disorder for 6 Weeks Treatment Effectiveness
NCT00545675Abilify in Bipolar Disorder for 24 Weeks Treatment Effectiveness