Ecchymosis Completed Phase Trials for Phylloquinone (DB01022)

Also known as: Ecchymoses / Ecchymosis NOS / Ecchymosis (morphologic abnormality) / Ecchymosis (finding) / Other injury of unspecified body region / Bruise NOS / Bruise NOS (disorder) / Bruising / Bruise (contusion) - lesion (qualifier value) / Contused wound / Contusion of unspecified site / Contusion (morphologic abnormality) / Contusion / Bruise (finding) / Bruise / Bruise - lesion (morphologic abnormality) / Contusion (disorder) / (Superficial injuries (&/or [bruises+crush] or (& [blisters])) or (abrasions) or (insect bites - non venom) or (bruises) or (contusions) or (haematomas - traumatic) or (scratches) or (splinters) / Contusions

DBCOND0001652 (Ecchymosis)CompletedNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00363038Effects of Topical Vitamin K, Vitamin K and Retinol, and Arnica on Post-Laser BruisingTreatment