Angioedema No Longer Available Phase Trials for Lanadelumab (DB14597)

Also known as: Angioedema reactions / Angio edema / Angioedemas / Angioneurotic edema / Angioedema (morphologic abnormality) / Angioneurotic oedema / Oedema angioneurotic / Quincke's edema / Angioedema (disorder) / Edema angioneurotic / Angioedema and urticaria / Angio-edema / Oedema Quincke's / Quincke's oedema / Giant urticaria / Edema Quincke's / Urticaria giant / Giant urticaria (disorder) / Giant hives / Hives giant

DBCOND0013604 (Angioedema)No Longer AvailableNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT04583007Expanded Access for the Prevention of Acute Attacks of 1) Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) in Children and 2) Non-histaminergic Angioedema With Normal C1-Inhibitor (C1-INH) in Teenagers and Adults