Hyperglycemia Suspended Phase 2 Trials for Diazoxide (DB01119)

Also known as: Blood sugar elevation / Sugar; Blood, High / Glucose, High Blood / Hyperglycemial / Blood Glucose, High / High Level of Sugar (Glucose) in the Blood / Blood Sugar; High / Elevation of blood sugar / High Blood Sugar / Hypergylcemia / Elevated blood sugar / Hyperglycaemia / Hyperglycemias / Blood; Sugar, High / High Blood Glucose / Elevation of blood sugar levels / Hyperglycemia, unspecified / Hyperglycemic disorder (disorder) / Hyperglycaemia NOS / Hyperglycemia (disorder)

DBCOND0020377 (Hyperglycemia)Suspended2
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NCT03566511Use of Functional MRI to Assess Functional Hypothalamic Activation in Response to DiazoxideBasic Science