Diarrhea Completed Phase 3 Trials for Rifaximin (DB01220)

Also known as: Diarrhoea / Diarrhea NOS / Diarrhoea NOS

DBCOND0021431 (Diarrhea)Completed3
clinicaltrials.gov IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00979056Prophylactic Treatment of Travellers' Diarrhoea With RifaximinPrevention
NCT00269399A Trial to Compare Xifaxan to Vancomycin for the Treatment of Clostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrhea (CDAD)Treatment
NCT00328380Prevention of Travelers' Diarrhea in Subjects Traveling Outside the U.S.Prevention
NCT00742469Rifaximin for Prevention of Travellers' DiarrheaPrevention
NCT02498418Study Comparing Rifaximin With Xifaxan 200 mg in Traveler's DiarrheaTreatment