Also known as: Upper respiratory tract mucus (substance) / Chesty cough / Chesty cough (finding) / Productive cough NOS (finding) / (Coughing up phlegm) or (productive cough NOS) / Productive cough / Productive cough NOS / Productive cough (finding)

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB15587Antimony potassium tartrateAntimony potassium tartrate is a schistosomicide possibly useful against other parasites. It has irritant emetic properties and may cause lethal cardiac toxicity among other adverse effects.
DB16560Ethyl nitriteAn ingredient in cough syrups for symptomatic treatment of cough, cold, bronchitis, and phlegm.
DB00874GuaifenesinAn expectorant commonly found in OTC products for the symptomatic relief from congested chests and coughs associated with cold, bronchitis, and/or other breathing illnesses.
DB09154Sodium citrateAn ingredient used for the anticoagulation of whole blood as part of automated apheresis procedures.
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