Oral Candidiasis Completed Phase Trials for Clotrimazole (DB00257)

Also known as: Oral Candidiases / Candidiasis, Oral / Oral Candida / Thrush / Oral thrush / Candida of mouth / Thrush oral / Candida stomatitis / Thrush NOS / Stomatitis monilial / Candidiasis of mouth / Oral moniliasis / Moniliasis oral / Candidal infection NOS / Moniliasis monilia / Monilial infection / Candida infection / Candida infections / Moniliasis NOS / Monilia NOS / Moniliasis / Candida NOS / Candidiasis of unspecified site / Candidiasis NOS / Candidiasis

DBCOND0028285 (Oral Candidiasis)CompletedNot Available
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NCT00002282A Comparison of the Safety and Effectiveness of Fluconazole or Clotrimazole in the Treatment of Fungal Infections of the Mouth and Throat in Patients With AIDSTreatment