Hot Flushes Completed Phase 3 Trials for Estradiol (DB00783)

Also known as: Hotflashes / Hot Flash / Hot flush / Hot Flashes / Climacteric flushing (disorder) / Menopause flushing / Hot flushes menopausal / Menopausal hot flushes / Feeling of hot flushes / Hot flushes, menopausal / Hot flushes (finding) / Hot flash (finding) / Flush hot / Menopausal flushing (finding) / Flash hot / Hot flushes NOS

DBCOND0029798 (Hot Flushes)Completed3 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00185237Treatment of Hot Flushes in Asian Women With Ultra-low Dose Estradiol PatchTreatment
NCT00391417Efficacy and Safety of a Topical Estradiol Gel for Treatment of Postmenopausal SymptomsTreatment
NCT00446199Low-dose Hormone Therapy for Relief of Vasomotor SymptomsTreatment
NCT01389102Estradiol Transdermal Spray in the Treatment of Vasomotor SymptomsTreatment