Coagulation Disorders Not Yet Recruiting Phase 2 Trials for Factor IX Complex (Human) (DB11330)

Also known as: Clotting Disorders / Disorders of Coagulation / Coagulopathies / Clotting Disorder / Blood Coagulation Disorder / Blood Coagulation Disorders / Disorders, Blood Coagulation / Blood Coagulation, Disorders / Coagulation Disorder, Blood / Coagulation Disorder / Coagulation defect / Coagulation Defects / Coagulopathy / Coagulation abnormal / (Coagulation defects) or (bleeding disorders) / Disorder of hemostatic system (disorder) / Disorder coagulation / Coagulation defect NOS (disorder) / Defect coagulation (NOS) / Blood coagulation disorder (disorder) / Disorder of hemostasis / Coagulation defect, unspecified / Coagulation disorder NOS / Coagulation disorder (NOS)

DBCOND0030046 (Coagulation Disorders)Not Yet Recruiting2 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT03981484REPlaCE- Randomized Trial Evaluating the Use of Prothrombin Complex concEntrate to Improve Survival in Patients With Traumatic CoagulopathyTreatment