Inguinal Hernias Completed Phase 4 Trials for Acetaminophen (DB00316)

Also known as: Hernia Inguinal / Hernia, Inguinal / Inguinal Hernia / Unilateral inguinal hernia, without obstruction or gangrene, not specified as recurrent / Groin hernia / Inguinal hernia (disorder) / Inguinal hernia NOS / Double inguinal hernia / Bubonocele (disorder) / Bubonocele / Inguinal Hernia, Direct / Direct inguinal hernia / Direct inguinal hernia (disorder) / Inguinal Hernia, Indirect / Indirect inguinal hernia / Indirect inguinal hernia (disorder) / Oblique inguinal hernia / Scrotal hernia (disorder) / Scrotal hernia

DBCOND0037048 (Inguinal Hernias)Completed4 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT05919732Awake Caudal Catheter vs General AnesthesiaTreatment
NCT03558555Determine the Clinical Advantage of IV vs PO AcetaminophenTreatment
NCT03126084Postoperative Effects of TAP Block Versus QLB Type 2 BlockTreatment