Severe, Chronic Pain

Also known as: Chronic Severe Pain / Severe Chronic Pain / Chronic, severe Pain

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB00813FentanylAn opioid analgesic used in anesthesia, for breakthrough cancer pain, or round the clock pain management.
DB00497OxycodoneAn opioid used in the management of moderate to severe pain.
DB06204TapentadolAn opioid used to manage severe pain that has not responded to non-opioid medications, and for which opioid analgesic therapy is appropriate.
DB06283ZiconotideAn N-type calcium channel antagonist used to manage patients with severe chronic pain who cannot tolerate, or who have not responded adequately to other treatments such as intrathecal morphine and systemic analgesics.
DrugDrug NamePhaseStatusCount
DB00813FentanylNot AvailableCompleted2
DB01183NaloxoneNot AvailableCompleted1
DB00497OxycodoneNot AvailableCompleted1