Human Papillomavirus Infections Terminated Phase 4 Trials for Human papillomavirus type 18 L1 capsid protein antigen (DB10302)

Also known as: Human Papillomavirus Infection / Human Papilloma Virus Infection / Papillomavirus Infections / Human papillomavirus infection (disorder) / Papovavirus infection subgroup A (disorder) [Ambiguous] / Papovavirus infection subgroup A (disorder) / Human papilloma virus infection of skin / Disease caused by Papillomavirus (disorder) / Papilloma viral infection / Papilloma viral infection NOS / Papilloma viral infections

DBCOND0046485 (Human Papillomavirus Infections)Terminated4 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT01082861Efficacy and Immunomodulation Study of Simultaneous Human Papillomavirus/ Hepatitis B (HPV/HBV) VaccinationPrevention