Neoplasms, Thyroid Unknown Status Phase 3 Trials for Iodide I-131 (DB09293)

Also known as: Thyroid malignancies / Thyroid Neoplasm / Thyroid Neoplasms / Thyroid Tumor / Thyroid malignancy / Thyroid tumour / Thyroid neoplasia / Neoplasm thyroid / Thyroid neoplasm NOS / Thryoid neoplasia / Neoplasm of thyroid gland (disorder)

DBCOND0053997 (Neoplasms, Thyroid)Unknown Status3 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00115895The Dose of Radioactive Iodine Needed to Ablate the Thyroid Remnant Left Behind After ThyroidectomyTreatment