Neoplasms, Hematologic Terminated Phase 1 / 2 Trials for Subasumstat (DB16406)

Also known as: Hematological Neoplasm / Hematological Neoplasms / Hematologic Neoplasm / Hematologic Neoplasms / Haematological neoplasm / Malignant tumor of lymphoid hemopoietic and related tissue (disorder) / Haematological malignancy / Hematological malignancy / Hematologic neoplasm (disorder)

DBCOND0056760 (Neoplasms, Hematologic)Terminated1 / 2 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT03648372A Study of TAK-981 in People With Advanced Solid Tumors or Cancers in the Immune SystemTreatment