Menière's Disease Terminated Phase 4 Trials for Gadolinium (DB12091)

Also known as: Meniere s Disease / Meniere's Disease / Meniere Disease / Ménière's disease (disorder) / Meniere's disease NOS (disorder) / Meniere's disease &/or endolymphatic hydrops &/or Lermoyez's syndrome / Meniere syndrome / Syndrome Meniere's / Labyrinthine hydrops / Meniere's syndrome / Ménière's disease, unspecified ear / Meniere's disease, unspecified / Unspecified Meniere's disease (disorder) / Otogenic vertigo / Vertigo, Aural / Aural vertigo / Lermoyez' syndrome

DBCOND0066647 (Menière's Disease)Terminated4 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT02530931Evaluation of Inner Ear and Brain Structures With Contrast-enhanced MRI in Patients With Meniere's DiseaseDiagnostic