Mixed Dyslipidemias Completed Phase 3 Trials for Fenofibrate (DB01039)

Also known as: Mixed Hyperlipidaemia / Mixed Dyslipidemia / Mixed Hyperlipidemia / Mixed hypercholesterolemia / Broad- or floating-betalipoproteinemia / Type V hyperlipidaemia / Type V hyperlipidemia / Type V lipidaemia / Type V lipidemia / Hyperlipoproteinemia Type V / Type V hyperlipoproteinemia / Fredrickson Type V lipidemia / Fredrickson Type V lipidaemia / Type V hyperlipoproteinaemia

DBCOND0073163 (Mixed Dyslipidemias)Completed3
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NCT02262143Phase III Study of Rosuvastatin and Fenofibrate Versus Rosuvastatin in Mixed DyslipidemiaTreatment