Premature Labour Terminated Phase Trials for Nifedipine (DB01115)

Also known as: Pre Term Labor / Labor, Premature / Premature Labor / Preterm Labour / Preterm Labor / Pre-term labor / Labor premature / Obstetric Labor, Premature / Labour premature / Premature labor (finding) / Premature Birth / Birth premature / Early onset of delivery / Premature delivery / Premature delivery (finding)

DBCOND0073410 (Premature Labour)TerminatedNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00306462Trial of Magnesium Sulfate Tocolysis Versus Nifedipine Tocolysis in Women With Preterm LaborTreatment
NCT00525486Extended Release Nifedipine Treatment as Maintenance Tocolysis to Prevent Preterm DeliveryTreatment