Neoplasms of the Prostate Active Not Recruiting Phase 1 Trials for 5-methyl-2'-fluoroarauracil F-18 (DB14913)

Also known as: Neoplasms of Prostate / Neoplasms, Prostate / Prostate Neoplasm / Neoplasm, Prostate / Prostate Neoplasms / Neoplasm prostate / Neoplasms Prostate / Neoplasm of the prostate / Prostatic Neoplasms / Prostatic neoplasm NOS / Prostate neoplasia / Neoplasm of prostate (disorder) / Malignant tumor of prostate (disorder)

DBCOND0080047 (Neoplasms of the Prostate)Active Not Recruiting1 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT0280969018F-FMAU PET/CT in Diagnosing and Characterizing Prostate CancerDiagnostic