Influenza-like illness or flu-like symptoms Unknown Status Phase 3 Trials for Chlorpheniramine (DB01114)

Also known as: Flu Like Illness / Influenza like symptoms / Influenza Like Illness / Influenza-like syndrome / Influenza-like-illness / Flu-like illness / Influenza-like Illness / Flu-like Syndrome / Flu-like disorder / Influenza -Like Illness / Flu-like illess / Flu-like Syndromes / Patient With Influenza Like Illness / Influenza-like symptoms / Flu syndrome / Flu-like illness NOS (finding) / Flu-like illness NOS / (Influenza NOS) or (influenza-like illness) / Influenza-like illness (finding) / (Influenza like illness) or (influenza NOS) / Influenza-like symptoms (finding) / Flu like symptoms / Flu-like symptoms / Influenza NOS / Flu / Syndrome flu / Influenza NOS (disorder) / Influenza / Influenza (disorder) / Influenza, Human

DBCOND0094057 (Influenza-like illness or flu-like symptoms)Unknown Status3 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00940836Efficacy and Safety Assessment of an Anti-Cold Preparation in the Symptomatic Treatment of Common Cold and Flu-Like SyndromeTreatment