Valvular Heart Diseases Completed Phase Trials for Warfarin (DB00682)

Also known as: Heart Valvular Disease / Heart Disease, Valvular / Heart Valve Disease / Valve Heart Disease / Valve Disease, Heart / Valve Heart Diseases / Heart Valve Diseases / Valvular Heart Disease / Heart valve disorder (disorder) / Valvular heart disease NOS / Cardiac valve disease / Heart valve disorders / Cardiac valve disorders / Cardiac valvulopathy

DBCOND0157625 (Valvular Heart Diseases)CompletedNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT01996657D-Dimer Determined Anticoagulation INTENSITY in Patients With Mechanical Valve Replacement
NCT00721136Randomized Study of the Use of Warfarin During Pacemaker or ICD Implantation in Patients Requiring Long Term AnticoagulationPrevention