Pharmacogenomic Effect/ADR for Clomipramine (DBSNPE005570)

Clomipramine (DB01242)
Interacting Gene/Enzyme
Cytochrome P450 2D6
Gene Name
UniProt ID
Defining Change(s)
-1770G>ANot Available
-1584C>GNot Available
-1235A>GNot Available
-740C>TNot Available
-678G>ANot Available
CYP2D7 gene conversion in intron 1Not Available
310G>TNot Available
746C>GNot Available
843T>GNot Available
1661G>CNot Available
2850C>TNot Available
3384A>CNot Available
3584G>ANot Available
3790C>TNot Available
4042G>ANot Available
4180G>CNot Available
4481G>ANot Available
Allele Name
Not Available
Effect Inferred
Non-functional CYP2D6
Poor drug metabolizer, lower dose requirements, higher risk for adverse side effects
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