50S ribosomal protein L4


50S ribosomal protein L4
  • eryA
  • Large ribosomal subunit protein uL4
Gene Name
Escherichia coli (strain K12)
Amino acid sequence
>lcl|BSEQ0019455|50S ribosomal protein L4
Number of residues
Molecular Weight
Theoretical pI
GO Classification
bacterial-type RNA polymerase transcriptional repressor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding / endoribonuclease inhibitor activity / RNA binding / rRNA binding / structural constituent of ribosome / translation repressor activity
DNA-templated transcription, termination / negative regulation of endoribonuclease activity / negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated / negative regulation of translation / response to antibiotic / ribosome assembly / translation
cytosol / cytosolic large ribosomal subunit / large ribosomal subunit / polysomal ribosome / protein-DNA complex
General Function
One of the primary rRNA binding proteins, this protein initially binds near the 5'-end of the 23S rRNA (PubMed:3298242). It is important during the early stages of 50S assembly (PubMed:3298242). It makes multiple contacts with different domains of the 23S rRNA in the assembled 50S subunit and ribosome (PubMed:7556101, PubMed:6170935).
Specific Function
Bacterial-type rna polymerase transcriptional repressor activity, sequence-specific dna binding
Pfam Domain Function
Transmembrane Regions
Not Available
Cellular Location
Not Available
Gene sequence
>lcl|BSEQ0019456|50S ribosomal protein L4 (rplD)
Chromosome Location
Not Available
Not Available
External Identifiers
UniProtKB IDP60723
UniProtKB Entry NameRL4_ECOLI
GenBank Protein ID42826
GenBank Gene IDX02613
General References
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