30S ribosomal protein S10


30S ribosomal protein S10
Not Available
Gene Name
Thermus thermophilus (strain HB8 / ATCC 27634 / DSM 579)
Amino acid sequence
>lcl|BSEQ0012555|30S ribosomal protein S10
Number of residues
Molecular Weight
Theoretical pI
GO Classification
rRNA binding / structural constituent of ribosome / tRNA binding
General Function
Trna binding
Specific Function
Part of the top of the 30S subunit head.
Pfam Domain Function
Transmembrane Regions
Not Available
Cellular Location
Not Available
Gene sequence
>lcl|BSEQ0012556|30S ribosomal protein S10 (rpsJ)
Chromosome Location
Not Available
Not Available
External Identifiers
UniProtKB Entry NameRS10_THET8
GenBank Protein ID1022792
GenBank Gene IDU36504
General References
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Drug Relations

Drug Relations
DrugBank IDNameDrug groupPharmacological action?ActionsDetails
DB01421Paromomycinapproved, investigationalyesinhibitorDetails