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Phenylephrine is an alpha-1 adrenergic receptor agonist used to treat hypotension,[L9416,L9410] dilate the pupil, and induce local vasoconstriction. The action of phenylephrine, or neo-synephrine, was first described in literature in the 1930s. Phenylephrine was granted FDA approval in 1939.
Matched Description: … [A187370] The action of phenylephrine, or neo-synephrine, was first described in literature in the 1930s …
Matched Categories: … Compounds used in a research, industrial, or household setting …
Dextromethorphan is a levorphanol derivative and codeine analog commonly used as a cough suppressant and also a drug of abuse. Although similar in structure to other opioids, it has minimal interaction with opioid receptors. Dextromethorphan was granted FDA approval before 3 December 1957.[A215412,L14997]
Matched Categories: … Heterocyclic Compounds with 4 or More Rings …
Diphenhydramine - perhaps known most commonly as its brand name formulation Benadryl - is a first-generation H1 receptor antihistamine that is used extensively for the treatment of seasonal allergies, insect bites and stings, and rashes [L5263, L5266, L5269, F3379]. However, it also has antiemetic, antitussive, hypnotic, and antiparkinson properties [L5269,...
Acetaminophen (paracetamol), also commonly known as Tylenol, is the most commonly taken analgesic worldwide and is recommended as first-line therapy in pain conditions by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also used for its antipyretic effects, helping to reduce fever. This drug was initially approved by the U.S. FDA...
Matched Description: … to follow current and available national and manufacturer dosing guidelines while this drug is taken or
Matched Mixtures name: … MYOGESIC-OR
Matched Products: … Infants' Fever From Colds Or Flu ... Children's Fever From Colds Or Flu …
Displaying all 4 drugs