Surgical Fixation Devices

Surgical Fixation Devices
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Devices used to hold tissue structures together for repair, reconstruction or to close wounds. They may consist of adsorbable or non-adsorbable, natural or synthetic materials. They include tissue adhesives, skin tape, sutures, buttons, staples, clips, screws, etc., each designed to conform to various tissue geometries.

DrugDrug Description
Acrylic AcidA drug used in combination with benzalkonium for eye disinfection and lubrication.
Karaya gumAn extract from Karaya gum used in allergy testing.
2-octyl cyanoacrylateDermabond has been investigated for the basic science of Wound Healing.
EnbucrilateEnbucrilate is under investigation in clinical trial NCT02468206 (Secondary Prophylaxis of Gastric Variceal Bleed).
OcrylateOcrylate is under investigation in clinical trial NCT01918059 (Cosmetic Outcome Study of Lid Laceration Repair With Suture Versus Tissue Adhesive).
Drugs & Drug Targets
Acrylic AcidBeta-lactamase SHV-1target