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DrugBank is a vital resource for your pharmaceutical research, offering comprehensive & reliable drug data, structured for immediate use or easy software integration.

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Data management made effortless

Drug Discovery

Go from concept to market with precision

Harness our meticulously curated biomedical knowledgebase, designed specifically for pharmaceutical research.

  • Boost machine learning accuracy with verified ground truth data
  • Access structured, in-depth information & broaden your research
  • Leverage extensive data features for advanced predictive analytics

We are continuously expanding our data offerings. Get in touch if you don't see what you're looking for.

Clinical Software

Empower better health decisions

Enhance your clinical software and transform healthcare delivery with evidence-based, structured drug information.

  • Easily integrate our Clinical API into your software
  • Leverage our ready-to-use plugins, including drug-drug interactions
  • Empower your users with the most accurate drug information

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Academic Research

Kickstart your research sooner

Explore a wider range of approaches, and uncover more powerful insights with the highest quality data.

  • Back your work with biomedical data trusted by industry leaders
  • Add your research to our 38,000+ citations
  • Join a long tradition of academic excellence

Academic licenses are for non-commercial research. Available for free or at accessible rates.

The pharmaceutical knowledgebase engineered to power your next big discovery

Our technology scours relevant evidence and forges deep connections to deliver dependable, actionable drug knowledge.

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  • Integrates all essential external datasets (MedDRA, RxNorm, and others)

  • Employs AI to uncover novel connections and insights

  • Meticulously structured and verified by AI and our pharmaceutical experts

Trusted globally by industry leaders in healthtech & biotech

Trusted by industry leaders in healthtech & biotech

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