Acidic Glycosphingolipids

Acidic Glycosphingolipids
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A subclass of GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS containing large polar heads made up of several sugar units. One or more of their terminal sugar units are bound to a negatively charged molecule at pH 7. Members of this class include: GANGLIOSIDES, uronoglycosphingolipids, SULFOGLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS, phosphoglycosphingolipids, and phosphonoglycosphingolipids.

DrugDrug Description
SulfatideAny of a class of cerebroside sulfuric esters, they are found largely in the medullated nerve fibers and may accumulate in metachromatic leukodystrophy.
SiagosideSiagoside (Sygen, AGF 2) has been investigated for the treatment of Parkinson Disease. It is a naturally occurring substance in the nerve cell’s membrane that is thought to play a...
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