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Advanced search provides a powerful interface for searching the database. You can build up queries that support a wide range of conditions and predicates. To get started, click the "Add Search Condition" button to select your first field.

Search Tips:
  • To include fields in the results that you don't want to search, click Add Display Field below.
  • You can do wildcard matching using an asterisk (*), which matches any number of characters or a question mark (?), which matches a single character. For example try alph* or *cox*. Note: this will only work when the predicate is set to "matches" or "does not match."
  • You can anchor searches to the beginning (starts with) or end (ends with) of each matching string. Note: these will not produce identical results to the use of wildcards. As an example, matching "*azole" will produce different results than search "azole" using "ends with."
  • Searching for more than one term (for example ascorbic acid) will match anything containing either one of the terms (anything matching ascorbic OR acid). To limit it to exact matches, use quotes around your search, for example, "ascorbic acid". Note: this will only work when the predicate is set to "matches" or "does not match."
  • Note that you can change the query to match ANY conditions. The default is to match ALL conditions (results will only be displayed if every field is a match)