Molecular analysis of esterase D polymorphism.

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Tsuchida S, Fukui E, Ikemoto S

Molecular analysis of esterase D polymorphism.

Hum Genet. 1994 Mar;93(3):255-8.

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We have analyzed the esterase D (EsD) polymorphism at the nucleic acid level. Two common alleles, EsD1 and EsD2, are characterized by the substitution of one amino acid (Gly-to-Glu), which is caused by the point mutation of one nucleotide (G-to-A). Individuals exhibiting the EsD1 and EsD 2 phenotypes are homozygotes for EsD 1 and EsD 2 cDNAs, respectively. Individuals showing the EsD 2-1 phenotype have two kinds of cDNAs, viz., EsD 1 and EsD 2. The point mutation difference between the cDNAs of the EsD1 and EsD2 alleles results in a different SspI digestion site. A restriction fragment length polymorphism caused by this difference with respect to the SspI digestion site makes it possible to determine the EsD phenotype using DNA samples extracted from forensic materials with no EsD enzymatic activity.

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