Calcitriol and energy metabolism.

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Zemel MB, Sun X

Calcitriol and energy metabolism.

Nutr Rev. 2008 Oct;66(10 Suppl 2):S139-46. doi: 10.1111/j.1753-4887.2008.00099.x.

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Calcitriol, a calcitrophic hormone that can be suppressed by high dietary calcium, favors fatty acid synthesis and inhibits lipolysis via non-genomic modulation of Ca(2+) influx. Calcitriol also suppresses UCP2 expression via the nVDR and thereby increases energy efficiency. Calcitriol exerts a dose-dependent impact on adipocyte apoptosis and regulates adipose tissue fat depot location and expansion by promoting glucocorticoid production and release. Recent data also demonstrate a pivotal role of calcitriol in the modulation of cytokines, with potential roles in energy metabolism in adipocytes, macrophages, and skeletal muscle.

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