Reye Syndrome

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Chapman J, Arnold JK

Reye Syndrome


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Reye syndrome is a rare and potentially fatal pediatric illness defined as acute noninflammatory encephalopathy with fatty liver failure. Australian pathologist R.D.K. Reye first described this syndrome in 1963. National surveillance of Reye syndrome began in the United States in the early 1970s and led to strict warnings regarding aspirin use in children. Reye syndrome typically presents in children as vomiting and confusion with rapid progression to coma and death. This syndrome often begins in the days following recovery from a viral illness during which aspirin was administered. Inborn errors of metabolism (especially fatty acid metabolism), medication reactions and toxins may also predispose or cause the development of Reye syndrome. This diagnosis is based on clinical signs as well as laboratory testing. However, there is no test specific to Reye syndrome.[1][2]

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