Screening for functional sequence variations and mutations in ABCA1.

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Probst MC, Thumann H, Aslanidis C, Langmann T, Buechler C, Patsch W, Baralle FE, Dallinga-Thie GM, Geisel J, Keller C, Menys VC, Schmitz G

Screening for functional sequence variations and mutations in ABCA1.

Atherosclerosis. 2004 Aug;175(2):269-79.

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Mutations in the ATP-binding cassette 1 transporter gene (ABCA1) are responsible for the genetic HDL-deficiency syndromes, which are characterized by severely diminished plasma HDL-C levels and a predisposition to cardiovascular disease and splenomegaly. The ABCA1 gene contains 50 exons and codes for a 2261-amino acid long membrane protein that facilitates phospholipid and cholesterol transport. Several mutations have been identified so far as responsible either for Tangier disease or for reduced HDL levels. We have selectively looked for additional polymorphisms in functionally relevant regions of the gene in cohorts constituted of individuals with altered HDL levels as well as healthy blood donors and octogenarians, and screened for mutations in the complete coding region of selected individuals with extremely aberrant HDL levels. In the promoter region, which is important for regulation of gene expression, we have identified several polymorphisms including one VNTR polymorphism, located at a putative ZNF202 binding site, which displayed different binding of ZNF202 in an electromobility shift assay. Three novel SNPs were discovered in the promoter region (G1047C, C1152T and C1440T). The prevalence of exchange G1047C (G-395C) was found significantly increased in probands with low HDL compared to probands with high HDL. Exchanges C1152T (C-290T) and C1440T (C-7T) were significantly more frequent in the cohort with low HDL compared to healthy blood donors and octogenarians. In the C-terminal part of ABCA1, known to interact with other proteins, two novel sequence variations (F2163S and V2244I) have been found in one phenotype related to cardiovascular disease, but none in the aforementioned cohorts. In one individual with extremely high HDL levels, the V771M polymorphism was found in a homozygous state. In patients with HDL deficiency, three novel mutations have been identified (W590L, W840R and R1068C). To facilitate further research in ABCA1 sequence variations and expand our understanding of their effects, we are introducing a webpage archive ( containing all sequence variations reported in ABCA1 so far. This webpage provides a more recent and detailed summary of sequence variations and mutations in ABCA1 than existing databases and should also be of interest for molecular diagnosis of ABCA1-related HDL deficiency.

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