Iodine Compounds

Iodine Compounds
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Inorganic compounds that contain iodine as an integral part of the molecule.

DrugDrug Description
Potassium IodideAn oral antithyroid agent used for the prevention of radioactive iodine uptake into the thyroid gland during a nuclear radiation emergency.
Povidone-iodineA topical antiseptic agent used for the treatment and prevention of infection in wounds.
Sodium iodideA supplement used in total parenteral nutrition.
Potassium triiodideNot Annotated
Mercuric iodideNot Available
Potassium iodateNot Annotated
Zinc iodideNot Annotated
IodideIodide has been investigated for the treatment of Goiter, Nodular.
Cadexomer iodineNot Annotated
Drugs & Drug Targets
Potassium IodideTyrosinetarget
Mercuric iodideBile salt sulfotransferasetarget