Hydroxyethyl cellulose (2000 MPa.s at 1%)Product ingredient for Hydroxyethyl cellulose

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (2000 MPa.s at 1%)
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Hydroxyethyl cellulose

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a polysaccharide derivative with gel thickening, emulsifying, bubble-forming, water-retaining and stabilizing properties. It is used as a key ingredient in many household cleaning products, lubricants and cosmetics due to its non-ionic and water-soluble nature. It is often used as an ingredient in ophthalmic pharmaceutical preparations such as artificial tear solutions and adjunct agent in topical drug formulations to facilitate the delivery of drugs with hydrophobic character.

Accession Number
Hydroxyethyl cellulose (2000 CPS at 1%) / Hydroxyethyl cellulose (2000 MPa.s for 1% aqueous solution) / Hydroxyethylcellulose (2000 CPS at 1%) / Hydroxyethylcellulose (2000 MPa.s at 1%)
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Not Available
Not Available
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