EWI-2 is a major CD9 and CD81 partner and member of a novel Ig protein subfamily.

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Stipp CS, Kolesnikova TV, Hemler ME

EWI-2 is a major CD9 and CD81 partner and member of a novel Ig protein subfamily.

J Biol Chem. 2001 Nov 2;276(44):40545-54. Epub 2001 Aug 14.

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11504738 [ View in PubMed

A novel Ig superfamily protein, EWI-2, was co-purified with tetraspanin protein CD81 under relatively stringent Brij 96 detergent conditions and identified by mass spectrometric protein sequencing. EWI-2 associated specifically with CD9 and CD81 but not with other tetraspanins or with integrins. Immunodepletion experiments indicated that EWI-2-CD9/CD81 interactions are highly stoichiometric, with approximately 70% of CD9 and CD81 associated with EWI-2 in an embryonic kidney cell line. The EWI-2 molecule was covalently cross-linked (in separate complexes) to both CD81 and CD9, suggesting that association is direct. EWI-2 is part of a novel Ig subfamily that includes EWI-F (F2alpha receptor regulatory protein (FPRP), CD9P-1), EWI-3 (IgSF3), and EWI-101 (CD101). All four members of this Ig subfamily contain a Glu-Trp-Ile (EWI) motif not seen in other Ig proteins. As shown previously, the EWI-F molecule likewise forms highly proximal, specific, and stoichiometric complexes with CD9 and CD81. Human and murine EWI-2 protein sequences are 91% identical, and transcripts in the two species are expressed in virtually every tissue tested. Thus, EWI-2 potentially contributes to a variety of CD9 and CD81 functions seen in different cell and tissue types.

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