Minireview on pancreatic lipase and colipase.

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Chapus C, Rovery M, Sarda L, Verger R

Minireview on pancreatic lipase and colipase.

Biochimie. 1988 Sep;70(9):1223-34.

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By hydrolyzing the dietary triacylglycerols, pancreatic lipase causes catalysis in heterogeneous medium. In vivo, lipase action cannot take place without colipase due to the presence of bile salts. The cofactor enables lipase anchoring to the water-lipid interface. The lipase-colipase system furnishes an excellent example of specific interactions (protein-protein and protein-lipid). The studies of lipase catalytic properties brought to light the importance of certain parameters related to the 'quality of the interface'. The structure-function relationship analyses revealed a certain number of functional amino acid residues in lipase and colipase involved either in the catalytic site of the enzyme or in the recognition sites (lipase-colipase and protein-interface). Comparisons of the sequences of lipases derived from different sources display interesting similarities in certain cases.

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