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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Ultrasound Contrast ActivityNot Available40Details
Ultrasound Contrast MediaNot Available60Details
Umbelliferones7-Hydroxycoumarins. Substances present in many plants, especially umbelliferae. Umbelli...  more42Details
Uncompetitive N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor AntagonistNot Available126Details
Uncompetitive NMDA Receptor AntagonistsNot Available126Details
Uncoupling AgentsChemical agents that uncouple oxidation from phosphorylation in the metabolic cycle so ...  more614Details
Uracil NucleotidesA group of pyrimidine NUCLEOTIDES which contain URACIL.1048Details
Urate OxidaseNot Available11Details
Urate Oxidase, antagonists & inhibitorsNot Available11Details
Urate Transporter 1 InhibitorNot Available14Details
Urate Transporter 1 InhibitorsNot Available14Details
Urea Cycle Disorder AgentsNot Available419Details
Urease InhibitorNot Available12Details
Urease InhibitorsNot Available12Details
UreohydrolasesNot Available10Details
Uric Acid Transporter 1 InhibitorNot Available00Details
Uric Acid-specific EnzymeNot Available22Details
Uricosuric AgentsGout suppressants that act directly on the renal tubule to increase the excretion of ur...  more867Details
Uridine DiphosphateA uracil nucleotide containing a pyrophosphate group esterified to C5 of the sugar moiety.315Details
Uridine Diphosphate SugarsNucleotide-sugars such as uridine-diphosphate glucose or UDP-glucose.315Details
Uridine Phosphorylase, antagonists & inhibitorsNot Available22Details
Urinary Acidifying AgentsNot Available13106Details
Urinary AlkalinisersDrugs that increase urinary pH.563Details
Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator, antagonists & inhibitorsNot Available312Details
Urological AgentsDrugs used in the treatment of urogenital conditions and diseases such as URINARY INCON...  more23161Details
Displaying categories 4451 - 4475 of 4604 in total