Autologous cultured chondrocytes is a cell therapy used to treat damage to cartilage in the knees.

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Autologous cultured chondrocytes
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Autologous cultured chrondrocytes are used as autologous cell therapy to repair articular cartilage injuries in the knee (femoral condyle) due to acute or repetitive trauma. It serves as an alternative repair treatment for patients with inadequate response to pre-existing surgical methods. The surgical implantation shows a tolerable safety profile and efficacy up to 4 years, but it is not indicated for patients with osteoarthritis. It has been used since 1995 as Carticel and gained biologic license in 1997. The surgical implantation was first performed in Sweden.

Approved, Investigational
Biologic Classification
Cell transplant therapies
Autologous cell transplant
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in Autologous cultured chondrocytes are indicated the repair of symptomatic, single or multiple full-thickness cartilage defects of the knee with or without bone involvement in adults aged 55 years and less.7

They are not indicated for use in joints other than the knee.7

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Autologous cultured chrondrocytes reduce pain and considerably improve function in patients with defected cartilage at femoral joints by producing hyaline-like cartilage repair tissue.

Mechanism of action

Chrondrocytes are collected from the patient's femoral articular cartilage and isolated cells are expanded through cell culture in vitro. Multiplied chrondrocytes are implanted into articular cartilage defects beneath an autologous periosteal flap. Cells produce hyaline-like cartilage that mainly consists of type II collagen. Type II collagen maintain the macromolecular framework in the extracellular matrix that gives integrity to surrounding hyaline cartilage. The therapy repairs damaged cartilage and restores functional and mechanical ability to withstand compressional, tensile, and shear forces.


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Unwanted effects from therapy include arthrofibrosis/joint adhesions, graft overgrowth, chondromalacia or chondrosis, cartilage injury, graft complication, meniscal lesion and graft delamination in less than 5% of total patients who underwent treatment.

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Brand Name Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
CarticelImplant1.2e+007 1/1Intra-articularVericel Corporation1905-06-19Not applicableUS flag
CarticelImplant1.2e+007 1/1Intra-articularGenzyme Corporation1997-08-222014-06-03US flag
Chondrocelect10000 cells/?lTi Genix N.V.2020-12-162017-01-12EU flag
Spherox40 spheroids/cm²Co.Don Ag2020-12-22Not applicableEU flag
Spherox40 spheroids/cm²Co.Don Ag2020-12-22Not applicableEU flag
Mixture Products
NameIngredientsDosageRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing EndRegionImage
MaciAutologous cultured chondrocytes (15000000 1/1) + Pork collagen (15 cm2/1)ImplantIntra-articularVericel Corporation2017-06-09Not applicableUS flag


Drug Categories
Not classified
Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals

Chemical Identifiers

CAS number
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General References
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  7. FDA Approved Drug Products: MACI (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane) Cellular sheet for autologous implantation [Link]
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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials
4CompletedTreatmentCartilage, Articular1
3CompletedTreatmentArticular Cartilage Defects1
3CompletedTreatmentArticular Cartilage Lesion of the Femoral Condyle1
Not AvailableCompletedNot AvailableArticular Cartilage Defects1
Not AvailableCompletedNot AvailableCartilage Diseases / Cartilage, Articular1


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Dosage Forms
ImplantIntra-articular1.2e+007 1/1
Not Available
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